RFID Library Management

RFID-based library management systems have become an integral part of modern libraries. It provides order of magnitude benefit over traditional item management mechanisms. RFID-based systems makes it easier to provide value-added services such as self check-out terminals. Theft detection is an integral part of RFID-enabled system. Inventory management is a breeze in a RFID-enabled library in which the complete process can be completed in hours instead of weeks. We provide following items for making a library RFID-enabled:

Digital Repository Platform

Many academic libraries are involved in building digital repositories (often called institutional repository) for archiving papers, theses and dissertations being made available by members of the parent institution. These repositories may be restricted or available to the general public with few restrictions, in accordance with the open access principles. Digital repositories offer a range of benefits to students and teachers and in general the researcher community.

Integrated Library System

An integrated library system (ILS) is truly an enterprise resource planning system for a library. It is used for complete process automation in libraries that not only handles standard procurement tasks such as tracking items owned, orders placed, invoices paid but also allows searching bibliographic recods, manages circulation, and host of other user-facing services.